Thursday, April 1, 2010

Blog Post- March 11

A taxi driver who finds a teddy bear on the street and decides to give it to his daughter. He appears to care about her very much as he tucks her in and kisses her.

Unfortunately, the teddy bear is evil which causes the seemingly innocent girl to become crazy and kill. She was hospitalized and escaped and a box appears to have possessed her.

The conflict is that the bear turned out to not be a good gift after all. Ten years after the girl gets the bear. She is holding a knife, is wearing a hospital robe, is drenched with blood and still has the bear in hand. The film ends with the girl disappearing along with the box and the teddy bear being the only thing left.

The ending gives the audience the feeling of horror and tension seeing as how a completely innocent girl became a psycho killer.

Blog Post- Reverie and the DSLR Revolution

The lighting in this film is incredible. The camera was used at night and the visual looks like something that the human eye would see, not a camera. There is clear and crisp detail on the two actors who are lit equally and also the backround is lit well which adds beauty to the scene. The ocean water can also be seen. It appears to be lit by the moonlight and it looks gorgeous. The city looks majestic and magical and the woman isn't lit to hide her identity for a moment. However, her backround is lit which emphasizes her. This can also be selective focus as it appears that the woman is blurred out which may be the real reason that her profile is dark.

Going back to the focus, the camera appears to be very smart and know what to blur and what not to blur. In this shot everything but the mirror is heavily blurred which creates emphasis on the person himself. Since the blurs attract the human eye to see what is in focus. This camera is really nice it is definitely the camera of the future.