Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oral Presentation IB Grading

I would award myself a 20 because i feel that i did an excellent job in evaluating and analyzing my extract in a social cultural context. Also i did quite well in analyzing the financial institutions effect on the film's production. The inclusion of Walt Disney's nature to produce children's film and its phase in producing musicals such as The Beauty and the Beast was insightful and shows careful research. The history of the genre relating to the film also was very insightful. The history of course included the themes of the spirit of Christmas and themes of love. I also discussed the sound design and analyzed its role in the film. The connection between the actors and the non-diagetic sounds was a good point and it was relative to both the extract and the film as a whole. On a narrative level i did well at analyzing how the extract created conflict and why it's so important to the film as a whole. The tone that i spoke in sounded convincing and confident which added to the credibility of my points. However, the reason that i do not deserve the highest marking is because i failed to focus more on the extract. I tended to stray away and talk about the film as a whole and that is not what the presentation is about. Still, when i did focus solely on the extract is was insightful and coherent which is why i gave myself a 20.

Critique for Plenny's Presentation on I Am Legend

Plenny exceeded the extract time limit of 5 minutes and instead picked an extract of 6 minutes. The socio-cultural context is present, but it isn't relevant to the film or the extract itself so more research is needed for that part. The inclusion of the director's thoughts and reasons for creating this film is great because it supports her theme that Will Smith's character feels isolated, and that was the director's intention. The Butterfly Effect was an interesting idea, very original but i think that some expansion on it could be made. The presentation is a bit repetitive because she talks about isolation various times throughout the presentation, but it should be talked about once and during that one time all of the ideas should be presented. The lighting was adequately talked about. Still, there was some more time left in the presentation which i believe could have been utilized to explain why she chose that specific extract and why it is so important to her. I would award her a 15 because the analysis was adequate and the director's intention was clearly explained. However, she received this mark because she didn't go in depth of film techniques create meaning.

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