Sunday, September 11, 2011

Character in Time

Age 1: Girl is sick. Parents cannot afford to buy her any medicine and the mother is panicking because she does not want her only child to perish. Late at night the mother whispers to her sick baby "one day someone will come to us and help us. I promise". The mother says this as her tears fall on the tiny girl's forehead and cool her body. The following day the baby girl awakes healthily.
Age 2: Girl is learning how to walk. The mother is teaching her meanwhile the girl's father is in a factory working in grueling conditions making pennies an hour. In the afternoon, as the men are away working the girl's village is raided. The mother clutches her little girl and they hide in a small trench. The mother tells her daughter to stay calm . . . that everything will be alright. The mother's tears of fear hit the girls forehead. The girl remains silent and the invaders leave their home untouched. That cannot be said for some of the other villagers.
Age 4: Little girl is helping her mother find vegetables in the fields. It is a tedious task but it has to be done so that the mother can make a complete meal for her small family. The mother and girl look up to see foreigners in large cars drive to their villagers. They claim to be anthropologists and they ask the mother several questions. The little girl keeps wondering if this is the day that someone will help them. The anthropologists ask to take the little girl's picture. The mother says yes and she receives a few cans of food. The girl's eyes stare through the camera to see the anthropologist's eyes. It appears that they will not help her. The little girl's eyes become filled tears, yet the anthropologists ignore her and return to their large cars. The little girl turns to her mother is walking back to her. The little girl realizes that only they can help each other. The mother and daughter return to picking villages in the hot fields.

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