Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Blog- Trailer Review

Link to trailer:

1) Narrative
This trailer illustrates the typical story concerning two lovers who have something impeding them from being together. This trailer shows that there are several impediments between them such as social class -- which is shown through the character's wardrobe -- and the falling ship itself. Still, their love persists and this is shown through both compelling acting and dialogue, and through compelling scenes. The first dialogue that we hear of them is "when the ship docks, I'm getting off with you". This shows a clear devotion that the woman has for the man. However, this devotion is further supported by certain scenes of them together.

This image depicts the characters as being very intimate. From this, the audience sees that they are in love. The narrative progresses by illustrating the issue that they face.

The falling ship is a clear impediment that the couple faces, and its severity causes the audience to want to know whether or not the story will have a happy or morose ending.
2) Cinematography
This film's cinematography is gorgeous. In the picture of the ship above, the grandeur of the ship reflects the grandeur of the film itself. Additionally, the cinematography uses lighting and color to manipulate the mood of the scene.

This shot uses naturally lighting from the sun to add warmth to the scene. This is caused by the harmonious colors of blue and orange which the sea and the sun create. This sense of warmth adds serenity to the scene, and this causes the audience to truly feel what the characters are feeling. The cinematographer also manipulates how much space is in the shot in order to add a sense of intimacy between the characters.

In that shot the characters are framed very tightly, and the background complements the intimate mood that the scene evokes.
3) Editing
The editing emphasizes the emotion in the scene through the slow pacing of the shots. Each shot is held for a generous amount of time so that we can truly feel what the character's are feeling. Additionally, the slow pacing also provides time for us to realize how intimate and compelling the story is.
4) Sound
The sound is incredibly powerful because it matches and enhances every scene presented. During the couple's most intimate scenes, the score creates a very compassionate and romantic mood which allows us to further empathize with the characters. When the impediments that the characters face is presented the sound suddenly shifts to evoke a more cautious and frightening mood. This new mood allows us to realize that the couple is in peril, and altogether the sound allows us to follow the narrative more accurately and more emotionally.

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