Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Blog: Chinatown

The story tells itself through the dialogue and actions the characters do. Mr. Gittes is the main character and everything that happens in the film somehow relates to his pursuit of knowledge and justice.

The implied narrator is most likely the main character because the story usually revolves around them and the story is told about them. In this film the main character is Mr. Gittes and we follow his journey and adventure to find the truth about the femme fatal and about the city.

The characters help to create separate situations for the main characters and in those situations the characters perform certain actions that give them a certain characterization. Mrs. Cross situation helps to open doors in Mr. Gittes's need to figure out what is happening in his city and why it is being kept so secretly.

We use our knowledge of Film Noir to further understand why the movie is so dark and what we should expect from these movies such as violence, sex, and a sense of insecurity. This knowledge lets us see certain events that are supposed to be coming up and when we see them we will know that they are following Film Noir aspects and then we can analyze htem.

The time is presented realistically and only moves forward. Any detail that has been left out or is already in the past will be provided to the audience through dialogue in which there will be an explanation of what happened. Mr. Gittes is always moving forward, and when he needs to know something that happened in the past it is told in dialogue instead of flashback.

Film Noir is the genre and the film follows most aspects of Film Noir such as dark lighting and symbolism and the suffering world.

The Film says that during this time period, people were often disloyal and people were "two-faced" in the sense that people would pretend to be good people, but they always have dark secrets or they do immoral things. Several people betrayed Mr. Gittes including Mr. Cross, and Mr. Gittes himself betrayed people. This shows that no person is completely honest and everyone has secrets such as Mr. Gittes's secret life and actions in China Town.

The narrative shows that humans are naturally imperfect and they naturally betray others to hide their dark secrets. Because of this, no one person can be trusted.

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