Saturday, October 24, 2009


I. The Man who Became Obsessed with an Average Girl
by Luis Velasquez
II. Film Noir
III. Man meets a woman after he finishes an investigation, and he falls deeply in love her and becomes obsessed with her.
IV. After a man finishes an investigation, he goes to his client’s office and hands the assistant the final document papers. As she takes them he looks into her eyes and notices a slight green speck within her pupil. He recalls his deceased mother whom had the same eyes. He gives her a paper with his number, and the location of a restaurant.

At the restaurant the two people are talking, and once they finish eating he tries to kiss the girl goodbye, however she turns her head and leaves. The man is flabbergasted and as he goes home he takes out a picture of the woman, which he took slyly from her desk earlier.

The following day the man asks the woman out once more and they meet up for some coffee. The man admires the woman’s beauty and he grabs her hand forcefully and gives her a kiss. The woman kisses him back this time, and they return to their home.

As the man wakes up he notices that the girl has left. He calls her and is seen to be speaking rather desperately and the woman hangs up. He paces back and forth, and goes online to view some videos of her on youtube. Although it has been only 3 days, he is already in love with her.

He walks to her home, and when she sees him she runs away. He runs chasing after her, but runs into a car and dies.

At the hospital, the doctor asks her if he has any close relatives, she tells him that she is his sister and she claims his things.

The woman is seen once more with the man’s belongings. She is on vacation with her husband . . .

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  1. Luis, your story starts off good but the ending doesn't make sence. What does the smae eyes as the mom have anything to do with the girls eyes? Yes, i know they are the same but that part just makes the audience confused like if the women was the mom on the inside or something. Also, at the end why would you see the women with her husband, that part doesn't make sence. Was the women already married when she kissed him or did she get married later. If the women and her husband went on vacation, why did she have the man's belongings? i don't if you were going to add to this but i think you should and explain the ending a little bit more.