Thursday, January 21, 2010

Avatar Criticism Post

1. The challenges presented in Ava†ar include the visuals and story telling. The avatars actually look like their human counterparts which is slightly creepy but it is fantastic because it makes the movie seem much more real and possible. This is the first movie to take a human model and matte them onto an animation and have them move in real time and with real human traits such as facial expressions. Although it is not an animation because the character on the screen is moving and looking just like the actual human.
2.Well the film maker had to do several extras in the movie which is what makes the movie so great. A new language was created for the Na'Vi people and they were given their own mythological backround. So within this story are several other woven substories that help explain the backround of Pandora. The world of Pandora has its own creatures, its own way of life, a toxic atmosphere making it uninhabitable for humans, its plants communicate and have a glow which give the world a beauty. Pandora's name was taken from the term Pandora's box in which all knowledge of life could be found. The world and the movie is very detailed and looks very real.
3. Motion suits with several points on them are used to give the character movement. Then a camera is mounted on the head to look at the face of the actor so that the animators can see the human expressions and translate them onto the character. The cameras capture the actors and translate their physical movement into the CGI character.
4. The film cost $400 million dollars to make and market. The fact that the film cost so much money hurt the company and made some investors fear that if the movie bombed their money would be lost. That scared away some investors but the positive reviews boosted stock revenue by 12% and the success of the movie is boosting stocks as well. The movie was definitely worth the risk of making and the message conveyed is that a dream to make something fantastic at a high price will pay off if the dream is done with careful preparation and effort.
5. I agree with the critic's claim that Avatar "identifies the profound spiritual bankruptcy that underlies our financial insolvency...and reminds us (to)... make new choices for the greatest good of all". This is because the film takes place on a lavish and rich world where great wealth can be gained. This greed is a prime example of imperialism since Europe colonized several countries to gain economic success. The habitants of Pandora do now care for wealth they just care to maintain their culture and happiness. Money means nothing to them which is seen since they wont move away from hometree for any price that the humans will pay. What the humans want is not what the people want. Cameroon is trying to instill the Na'Vi ideals into us because humans are so wrapped up in greed and dividends that we will do anything to get money. Even use racism to justify our reason to gain money. In the end money does not win but moral goodness does. The Na'Vi people are able to defend themselves from the humans and they force the humans to leave. Perhaps the humans in the film have learned their lesson. Hopefully we will too.

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