Friday, March 5, 2010

Blog Film Review- 2-24-

The trailer for Solitude is about a couple of kids graduating from high school and getting ready for college. They go on a trip to a remote location near a desert. They soon find that all of the houses around them are empty and no one even travels near them. A phone ring but no one answers. One by one the kids go missing until finally the girl sees her friend being tortured behind her. She screams.

Textual Analysis

Mis en Scene - The framing in this trailer is very tight. The actors have no room to move. This helps create a feeling that the characters are trapped. They have nowhere to go. They are trapped.

Editing – the trailer uses many fade in and fade outs.This is done to create a suspenseful feeling in which the duration of the fade ins and fade outs are roughly long and increase tension.

Motion - the director uses high angle shots and slow placed action scenes to add mystery and suspense to the trailer

Sound - the sound uses several kicks and heartbeats to create a frightful setting. The audience knows that danger is lurking and can only wait until the dreaded horror comes. Suspense builds to the wait and adds to the fear in the audience.

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