Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Baraka Review

1. The film is entitled "breath" because the film attempts to capture our breath and our minds. The film shows the world in an outlook never seen before. It shows the world versus just one individual country or province. By doing this the audience is able to see the beauty of the world, and the darkness of it as well. Just as we share the planet's air with every breath we take, we also share the troubles that the world holds.
2. The film definitely critiques the modern world. The most obvious critique was that humans have constantly murdered each other which is a horrid fact that can't be forgotten.

Genocides for example were human acts that killed millions of innocent people. The film shows pictures of holocaust victims as well as other victims from less known yet still devastating genocides. By showing this the film tries to grab the audience's attention and try to teach us that violence is never the answer. The real answer to problems is love because everyone on the planet shares the same home. Regardless of race or any other fictional grouping that one may belong to. The second critique was that people dont appreciate the world.

The breathtaking sites that the film showed brought every person in awe. The reason that this is is because people don't ever get to see these beautiful places on our planet. The film encourages us to travel and see this remote locations because they are the only places whose beauty hasn't been destroyed by modern civilization.
3. I get the message to travel and to appreciate life and taste and smell and everything much more. This is because life is precious and we must appreciate it and make the best of it while we're on this beautiful planet we call home.
4. The absence of voice and text allows for anyone in the world to watch the movie and understand the movie. Language restricts films to the native lands where that specific language is spoken. By not including language and text all people no matter where in the world can see the visuals of the film and comprehend the underlying messages in the film.

5. The image of the people living next to the water shows our relationship with nature. It shows that there are still people in the world who keep in touch with nature, and because they do this they can experience the beauty of nature on a regular basis. This contrasts the city liver who stays confined to their home in the suburbs. The image urges these city dwellers to leave their cell and explore and appreciate the beauty that exists beyond the city's borders.
6.It suggests that religion has made a huge impact on humanity. Also that people should respect those with religion just as people should respect nature. Furthermore, the film suggests that spirituality is the gateway to ecstasy in one's life. The monk shows someone who is attempting to find happiness through religion which is in contrast to the citizens surrounding him who are dashing to their eight hour long job.
7. It shows how neglected that society is and those people are. Modern civilization may appear to be great, but this civilization hasn't bothered to reach the lives of the still poor. Large companies focus more on making money than on helping people. That is how our society and several societies globally function. Even though we all live on the same planet people ostracize other groups who are in dire need. The film calls to modern society to aid these people who have been discarded into the shadows because at the end of the day we all share the same planet and the same air.
8. The breathing in the city stood out to me the most. This is because the breathing shows how unified people truly are. In school we are taught that we are all individuals and that we must stand out from one another. however, the film shows us that we actually are all the same and we should help one another instead of focusing on ourselves.
9. No this vision would have never been brought to my attention if it weren't with watching this film. This vision couldn't really have been created again because i don't believe that there is any way that someone could recreate this vision without simply remaking this film.It does make me want to travel because now i know what a beautiful and vast environment that Earth holds.

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