Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Short Documentary

Purpose: To inform people, specifically students, of the hardships that teachers face on a daily basis so that people may become more appreciative of the underpaid teachers. Contacts: Teachers, students, parents. Interview Questions: To Teacher: Why do you believe that teachers are so underappreciated? Do you donate extra time to your students outside of class? If so about how much time do you think that the average teacher works outside of class? To Parents: If your child were to get a bad grade would you blame the child, or the teacher? Do you feel that teachers should receive more gratitude? To Student: How do you feel about your teachers?
General Flow: The beginning will be parents and students answering the questions about teachers. Afterwards the teachers will get to rant about how they feel. Clips of teachers staying after school to tutor students will be shown. Then statistics of teacher wages will be shown. Finally the film will conclude with the teachers challenging students and parents to become more appreciative of the teachers because of the hard work and long hours that they spend to teach the young minds.
Shot List- Images of statistics. Close ups of teachers somewhat enraged with unappreciative students and parents. Long shots and medium shots of teachers spending time with their students after school. Close ups of the parents and students will be shown. Finally a list of the average teacher to student ratio and lastly the average amount of time teachers spend at school.
Scripts: Will rely on teacher’s answers to questions and their take on the piece.
Intro: Teachers, the men and women who have taught us all what we know to this day. Teachers, the most underappreciated workers in America today. Teachers, some of the hardest workers in America.
Closing: Hopefully budget cuts will no longer affect teachers because they indeed deserve so much more money and gratitude than what they currently receive. Perhaps a simple thank you from a student or parent to their teacher will suffice for the teacher, but they certainly deserve much more.

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  1. I think this was a very good idea because it is simple, and the interviews and footage will be easy to acquire. I think it would also be extremely useful if you could find people in say, the district office or on the board of education. This way you could find out more information about the percentage and uses of the education funds. This way you would also be educating your audience, further than the public; "they're not doing anything for the schools".