Monday, January 23, 2012

Genre Study Chart

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Typical plots: 2 characters begin to interact with one another very frequently. They develop a sense of intimacy, but their own personal faults deter them from forming a traditional relationship. However, typically, the characters learn to love each other's faults and do partake in a relationship.
Typical characters: The female character is usually the dominant figure. She controls when and how the relationship forms, and usually she is characterized as being both beautiful and quirky. She is the ideal woman in American culture. The male is characterized as being more awkward, and more vulnerable as well. He must earn the woman's respect and love, and if he doesn't, then the two's relationship will crumble.
Typical dialogue: The dialoge is very witty and in more contemporary films carries several sexual innuendos. The dialogue exemplifies how the characters are both awkward and intimate with one another. Eventually, the intimacy takes over which allows the audience to empathize with the characters more. Also, the dialogue is original and cliches are avoided at all costs. In this genre of films cliches would heavily deter the audience from the central meaning.
Typical setting: Urban cities filled with glamour and a busy life
Typical look or style: The color palette is vibrant and bright. The camera is intimate whenever both characters are on screen.

Genre: Drug Addiction Dramas

Typical plots: Young characters begin to experiment which drugs give them the best "high". As these characters become more dependent on their drugs, their personalities begin to change. They lose focus of their goals in life and remains fixated on achieving their high daily. The characters around them begin to perceive these protagonists in different light. The protagonist becomes isolated and eventually their downfall becomes eminent.
Typical situations: At the start of their addiction the addict appears to have control of their life. However, their fixation on their drug eventually begins to overwhelm them which causes the protagonist to experiment with new and more potent drugs. These drugs become lethal and highly addicted. They ultimately lead to the downfall of the addict.
Typical characters: The characters are usually young adults who first started their journey with cannabis. However, their curiosity typically leads them to use more potent drugs. An addiction develops. That addiction becomes malignant because either the character loses a sense of reality, or the character has to change their entire moral compass if they can no longer afford their drugs [ie the character would steal or kill for their drugs]
Typical setting (place): The setting is not confined whatsoever. The purpose of this is to demonstrate that no one is invulnerable to the malignant effects of drugs.
Typical look or style (lighting or camera): At the start of the film vibrant colors parallel the intoxicating feeling that the protagonists feel. However, as their addiction worsens the colors become more gritty. The lighting also becomes dark, and the camera usually begins to distance itself to illustrate how isolated the character has become. In some films, the camera will actually become more intimate in order to show how vile the addicts have become.

Genre: Gangster

Typical plots: Typically and underling, or a soldier, performs various acts that gets them promoted in the "family". They climb the ranks by continuously performing certain nefarious acts that earn them an increased reputation. Their power elevates dramatically and continuously. Usually, that power consumes the protagonist's life which can lead to their downfall.
Typical situations: A young man looks into the gang/mafia lifestyle with amazement. The power and respect that comes along with it becomes highly alluring which causes the protagonist to chase after it.
Typical characters: Typically the protagonists are young, Italian males. They are competent and ready to do whatever it takes in order to please their superior.
Typical dress: Suits with tie. Their attire is very formal and usually becomes more elegant as the protagonist becomes more and more powerful. Also, they usually smoke cigars which also conveys a sense of power and respect.
Typical historical setting: Usually the film takes place during the second half of the 20th century. The location is typically in New York or Florida. Areas that are well known for housing several mafia families.

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