Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Chinatown Reflection

1. I think that the questions that i used were very general which let me to dig in to the question and explain the question in great detail. Our definition for the characteristic was very accurate and we discussed it in great and supportable details and facts from the film. The examples of betrayal we found were very concrete and very true so the question of "are you sure that that is betrayal" never arose and it was always "yes yes i see how this particular scene relates to your topic." My connection to film noir was spread out through every slide a little bit, but on one slide i completely dedicated it to explaining what film noir is and how the film demonstrates film noir. My use of key terms was very accurate and it helped to demonstrate how film directors use certain filmic language to convey certain emotions to the audience. By using these key terms accurately i may be able to incorporate them into my next project. With all of this in mind i feel that my group as a hole had several strengths and little faults.

2. I feel that we couldnt really improve much only perhaps clarifying our terms a bit more but it is unnecessary to do so it may be nice. Next time we may make ours a bit more nice looking and give it some eye candy.

3. i think that our presentation allowed me to understand film noir, and then the film allowed me to see examples of film noir and the characteristics that the movies have. overall i think that i can now go out and create a film noir movie accurately however it will take hard work since film noir movies are so demanding of time and they're so detail oriented.

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